How They Work: Computer Memory Basics

How They Work: Computer Memory Basics

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The 3340 was coded in San Jose under the leadership of Ken Haughton. Early more than a design was focused on two removable 30 megabyte modules. Because of this 30/30 configuration, the code name Winchester was selected after the famous Winchester 30-30 rifle; subsequently the capacities were increased, byte but the code name stuck.


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By using compression, data encryption and error correction are sent over atmosphere interface. Units of 274 tablets when using the error code and the correction of coded data bits are wrapped in locks of 378 elements. For each block of seven words 6-bit flag is added to build a total of 420 bits hinder. Each block of 420 bits is broken into seven microblocks of 60 bits, which delivered consecutively. Each word is Microblock trademark of 6 bits, in which used to show channel status. In full-duplex mode, these microblocks go over 19. 2 kbps down channel or second channel 19.2 kbps uplink. To be a result both downlink and uplink channel time is allocated for a sequence of 60 bits microblocks. Each Microblock ends after many.125msec.


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